2008 Awards

2008 Oregon Awards

All awards are from the Public Relations Society of America/Portland Metro Chapter (PRSA) and Oregon Chapter/International Association of Business Communicators (IABC/Oregon Chapter):

PRSA Award of Excellence
  • Issues Management, “Creating Consensus: Finding Common Ground on Clackamas County’s Hotly-Debated Sanitary Sewer System Future.” (Submitted with Clackamas County Water Environmental Services.)
PRSA Spotlight Award
  • Campaigns–Marketing Consumer Products, “Tillamook Macaroni & Cheese Recipe Contest.”
OCIABC Bronze Beacon Award of Merit
  • Communications: External One-time Program: “Restoring Public Funding to Public Broadcasting.” Restoring public funding for OPB to build a digital broadcast network.
OCIABC Bronze Beacon Award of Excellence
  • Communications/external ongoing program: “2007 Tillamook® Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Contest.” Staging regional Macaroni and Cheese cook offs in Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, San Antonio, Chicago as and Portland, as well as the grand finale in Portland.