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Good News for Rural Oregon

Interesting news lately about data center investments in rural Oregon. Interesting because, for once, rural Oregon is getting the benefit of economic development instead of just urban Oregon.

There are still "two Oregons" when it comes to spurring economic activity in the state. All you have to do is look at rural county unemployment rates, which are all higher than those in urban areas. But several rural investments made news last week, according to details provided in The Oregonian:

         *  Facebook is building a second, 330,000-square-foot data center in Prineville next door to a facility that opened last year.  Upgrades in the region's power network made room for the company's expanded footprint.

         *  Apple is starting small with a new data center in Prineville. 

         *  Amazon is going big. It just started work on a second large data center in Morrow County. 

         *  Officials at the Port of Morrow are optimistic that data-hosting specialist, Rackspace, will exercise an option to buy 99 acres for a new facility near Boardman by its March 31 deadline. 

Further, from The Oregonian:  "Oregon's data center industry is flourishing this spring, with government assistance. The Bonneville Power Administration has accelerated plans to upgrade Central Oregon's power supply, while the state legislature voted last month to guarantee the industry's lucrative tax breaks. Data centers arrived in Oregon in 2006, when Google built its first major data facility in The Dalles. Activity took off last year, when Facebook opened its first company-owned data center, and Amazon opened a long-awaited data center near Boardman."

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