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Bi-Partisanship and Civility: The First Signs of Fracture?

That could be true based on several events last week – and it also could be true as legislators come face-to-face with the tough decisions they knew would dominate this session.

First, in a very unusual development last week, Rep. Bill Kennemer, R-Oregon City, took to the House floor to lambast Democratic leader Rep. Dave Hunt, D-Gladstone.

As The Oregonian put it: "Standing on the House floor, his hands shaking with nerves and anger, Republican Rep. Kennemer accused Democrats of 'lies, lies,' and then demanded the resignation of Rep. Hunt, the Democratic leader and former speaker."

This is unusual because there is a written code, and also a longstanding tradition, to avoid personal attacks on the House floor. Kennemer was interrupted once in his remarks, but then was able to continue to the end. He called for Hunt's resignation claiming Hunt and then- Majority Leader Mary Nolan, D-Portland, unfairly attacked Republicans on the campaign trail for favoring a sales tax.

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