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Kitzhaber Wins Re-election, But by Narrow Margin

Democrats retained and even strengthened their grip on control of the state house and legislature as Oregonians said yes to legal weed and no to labeling of genetically modified foods and the much touted top-two primary. The story wasn't so good for Democrats nationally as they saw their majority in the U.S. Senate evaporate, giving Republicans control of both houses of Congress.

The story of the night was the relatively narrow victory by Governor John Kitzhaber, who claimed an unprecedented fourth term without a majority. On a series of critical news reports about First Lady Cylvia Hayes, including charges she may have leveraged her influence with the governor for personal gain, Kitzhaber's double-digit lead in the polls shrunk to a 5 percentage point victory.

The tighter-than-expected race appears to be more a reflection on Kitzhaber than his GOP opponent Dennis Richardson and raises questions about how the governor will fare going forward, especially if the Hayes scandals continue to dog his administration.

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Election Night Will Bring Changes

Secretary of State Kate Brown predicts 72 percent of registered voters will participate in Tuesday's election, the highest turnout in a non-presidential election in 20 years. Pundits are predicting some surprises in the state races, and no one knows what to predict in the gubernatorial race, which is polling as one of the closest races in Oregon's history.

Election night will bring surprises. Incumbents will lose their seats, and parties will prevail in districts where a majority of voters are registered the other way.

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