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Voters Will Decide Legislative Schedule

If voters approve Measure 72, the new carpet from the 2008 remodel will wear out more quickly.Measure 71, one of seven measures on the ballot this November, could change the way the Oregon legislature does business in significant and permanent ways. The measure calls for meetings every year and limits the length of sessions to 160 days in the odd-numbered years and 45 days in the even-numbered years.

Currently the Oregon constitution restricts meetings to every other year without a limit on length. The Oregon budget will continue on a biennial basis.

Legislators would meet for roughly the same number of days under the annual session schedule as they currently do in the six-month biennial session – five months in the odd-numbered years and a little more than a month in the even numbered years.

The new schedule likely will mean more legislation, more chances to tweak the budget and more work for everyone involved in the process.

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