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Tickling the fancy of piano lovers

Sounded like a good idea to us. That’s why CFM is making an in-kind contribution of its marketing public relations services to help promote Portland Piano International (PPI) and its international festival held July 12-17.

Our goal is to increase PPI’s recital attendance and community awareness. One element of our effort is a video campaign – Piano Love Stories. The first three videos – to be shown during the festival – will feature the artistic director, executive director and a board member. In the next step, Patrons and members of the community will be invited to create and share their own video stories. The videos will be featured on a new blog, on YouTube and PPI's page on Facebook.

About the festival

13th Annual Portland International Piano Festival The 2011 Festival Goes All American!

July 12-17, 2011

World Forestry Center

Portland, Oregon

Purchase week passes, session tickets, or recital tickets by calling 503-228-1388 today!

This year's festival takes quite a different path than previous years. A week of "The Americans" features the music of our country, much of it written recently. Recitals include Anthony de Mare's "Liasions: Re-imagining Sondheim," Lara Downes' "The Americans," Stephanie and Saar's performance of John Adams' famous "Hallelujah Junction" and, at the close of the week, Christopher O'Riley's mix of works from Bach to Radiohead, titled "Out of My Hands."

Link: Portland Piano International